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How much does a survey cost?

The question "How much will this cost?" is one we get asked frequently, and rightfully so. The size, scope, age of parcel, State Laws, and many other factors contribute to the overall cost of a survey thus making price vary from project to project. For example, if an individual has a lot in an older subdivision, it is very likely that the property corners were either never set or were destroyed over time. This increases the amount of time we have to spend both in the field and in the office to reestablish the proper boundary lines which in turn increases the price of the survey.

Due to the "No Trespass" Law that went into effect in 2018, surveyors are legally required to obtain written permission from all adjacent land owners prior to beginning a survey. If one or more of the adjacent land owners refuse to grant permission, then the project would have to be put on hold until things are resolved and permission is received which could lead to a higher cost.

If a individual has a plot of ground that has been surveyed in the past, then they would need a "Retracement Survey". This is a very common survey that is ordered by a land owner if they would like to build a fence or construct a building. In general, the cost of these surveys are "time and material". However, per Idaho Law, a surveyor must file a new record of survey if there is any material discrepancy on the ground versus what is shown on the record survey map. If a new record of survey must be filed, then the cost of the survey will increase.

The State of Idaho did not have any recording laws until the 1970's which means that many older parcels of ground, while they may have been surveyed, do not have any record of survey. Unfortunately, many of these details are not known until the surveyor starts the project. This makes giving a price estimate extremely difficult.

Here at Eagle Land Surveying we strive to provide our clients with unmatched service while maintaining competitive pricing. We will always be upfront with you about our hourly rate and keep you updated with what we find so there are no surprises. Please contact us about your project specifics and we will be more than happy to assist you in every step of the process. We look forward to working with you.












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